I cannot express my deep gratitude to each person on this site. Thank you for contributing your knowledge, time, talent, and advice. Thank you for ordering this book. Wounded Warriors Canada and The Canadian Mental Health Association will be able to help so many more people because of this “little cookbook that could”
From my kids’ school project to a National bestseller, this has been a very intense 70 day (accidental) journey. None of this would have happened without my kids. XOXO kiddos, mom will finally have a tiny bit of free time for you again! *NO MORE HOMEWORK PROJECTS!!
I think it is safe to say this site really has grown into a world wide, close knit group.
One final thank you to the moderators, who keep this page drama llama free. Again, a thank you to the typists who entered these recipes in record time. Last but definitely not least, thank you Loriann Wuchner with Grey Barn Handwerk for the immense undertaking that was (and continues to be) involved in the development of the site, the SWAG….OMG THE SWAG IS COMMMMIIIINNNGGGG!!!!! Imma order up some more grocery bags, some more clothes, a coffee cup and of course, a wine cup….so when we do our next live…only I will know for sure what is in there.
Now, onto the printing and delivering of these little bundles of love. Please be patient, the books will be shipped in the order the books were um…ordered in? You may not see your book for a month, maybe more. This will depend on how rapidly the publisher can produce them. This cookbook has definitely become like a baby to me. xoxoxo – Dawna