Where does coffee’s quality come from? Balanced brewing? Nope. Careful roasting? Almost. The farm? Yes! The way coffee is harvested and processed has the biggest impact on the quality and flavor of the beans themselves. Every step after unlocks these flavors, but the flavors themselves are developed at the farm.

A bean’s origin is even identifiable by the taste and feeling in your mouth, because simple things like the elevation, temperature, and humidity affect the coffee’s growth to produce a variety of distinct flavors. You can successfully turn your bitter cup of caffeine into a drink that satisfies your taste buds by taking advantage of even just one of these 5 tips to dramatically improve your coffee.

Did you know coffee can have subtle flavors like caramel, chocolate, citrus, apple, and even nuts without having to add any extra flavoring? It’s true!EMMA DOE

1. Buy High Quality Beans

Grocery store beans may be more accessible in location and price, but the gold is going to be found in freshly roasted, high end coffee. Do some searching around for a local roaster or shop online.

2. Grind Those Beans Just Before Brewing

Being able to grind your coffee just minutes before brewing is a major step towards incredible coffee. Once ground, gases and flavors are able to escape the bean in record time, leaving behind a drink with no personality.

3. Measure The Coffee and Water

A common problem is that people use too much water and too little coffee, or the other way around, which does not produce a well balanced, flavorful cup of coffee.

4. Explore Alternative Brew Methods

The real trick is in exploring alternate brew methods. Having control over the temperature, coffee to water ratio, and brewing time will allow you to produce amazing coffee, unmatched by the mass produced, automatic drip machine.

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